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SEMAFORhome methodology development

Development of methodology for evaluation and modification of the home environment of disabled persons in order to increase their employability, CZ.1.04 / 5.1.01 / 77.00330
Implementing body: ILA, partner: Czech Association of Occupational Therapists, Operational program: OP HRE, project budget: CZK 4 663 372



The aim of the project was to transfer an innovative solution commonly used abroad to increase the access of disabled citizens to employment. The content of the project was designed to make a significant contribution to an effective and long-term solution to the issue of employment of people with disabilities in the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, at that time, there was no conceptual model of activities on the basis of which it could be determined the type and extent of the necessary adaptations and modifications of the home environment of persons with severe disabilities in order to remove the barriers that isolate this group of people, among other things, from job opportunities. The project proposed solutions to this issue and thus helped to increase the employment of handicapped people.

For more info see www.semaforhome.com

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