Own projects


PoC commercialization concepts formulated by the Innovation Agency ILA II, CZ.07.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_040 / 0000369

Implementing body: ILA, Partner: National Institute of Mental Health, Operational Program: OP PPG, Project budget: CZK 13 207 787

The project's goal is to examine 3 commercialization concepts using the knowledge of ILA's own research and development formulated by the Open Innovation Scheme. Two basic phases are realized within the project:

Phase 1: "Proof of concept" = feasibility check
Phase 2: Preparation of commercialization

The output of the first phase of the project is the preparation of three feasibility studies, each dedicated to one tested concept:

  • KK1 EduH2020 (topic: education and training)
  • KK2 MultiNavi (topic: ICT solutions for e-government, citizens' information, promotion and tourism, technologies for the movement of people with reduced mobility and orientation in the city)
  • KK3 TreKog (topic: social services, health services and tools for their provision)

These feasibility studies reveal which concepts are suitable for commercialization and will advance to the second phase of the project implementation. In the second phase, preparations for commercialization will be carried out, with the intention that at least one of the concepts will be commercialized at a time of sustainability.

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