Being university research team, SME, or a private investor we have a product for you.

Subsidy consultancy

Activities in the field of subsidy consultancy are carried out by a team led by Lucie Muziková. ILA offers elaboration of project applications for funding.

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KTT and innovation

Activities in the area of knowledge and technology transfer, innovative projects and the start-up companies are realized by a team led by Ivan Dvořák, PhD.

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Social innovation

Activities in the sphere of social entrepreneurship are realized by a team led by Kateřina Čihařová.

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Why choose us?

All our services are tailored according to specific needs of our clients. We meticulously protect clients’ intellectual property and other sensitive information. We collaborate with many experts and partners from the Czech Republic as well as European Union.

  • Professional and individual approach to every client
  • Quality always prevails quantity
  • Long-term cooperation and satisfaction of clients is the key to success
  • Exceptional commitment of our team
  • Expertise on the first place
  • Effective communication with the client and with the governing bodies
  • Goal oriented
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