Own projects

Net ZP

Network for Persons with Disabilities, CZ.1.04 / 5.1.01 / B2.00011
Implementing institutions: ILA + 7 partners, Operational Program: OP HRE, project budget: CZK 5 089 495


The project was aimed at creating a thematic network of collaborating workplaces, which implemented OP HRE projects in the area of 5.1 International Cooperation. The outputs of these projects are located on the joint web portal www.netzp.cz which serves both persons with disabilities and NGOs engaged in the care of these persons. A user-friendly operation and on-line counselling services provide all the necessary information from the field of employment and access to the labour market for handicapped persons. The portal uses Responsive web design (RWD) technology to make the information accessible from any device with an internet browser - such as a smartphone or tablet. The portal is designed for the communication of all persons and organizations involved in the care of disabled and is open not only for discussions and exchanges of views, but also for the placement of other relevant documents.

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