Own projects


Review of the portfolio of commercialization concepts formulated by ILA through the Open Innovation Approach, CZ.07.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_023 / 0000114

Operational program: OP PPG, project budget: CZK 9 950 456

The project's goal is to examine 3 commercialization concepts using the knowledge of ILA's own research and development formulated by the Open Innovation Scheme. Two basic phases have been realized within the project:
Phase 1: "Proof of concept" = feasibility check
Phase 2: Preparation of commercialization

The output of the first phase of the project was the elaboration of three feasibility studies, each devoted to one tested concept:

  • KK1 SEMAFOR (topic: social services, health services)
  • KK2 MOOC KTT (topic: education and training)
  • KK3 EVPO R & D (topic: education and training)

These Feasibility Studies have shown that the Semaphore and EVPO R&D concepts are suitable for commercialization and have therefore advanced to the second phase of the project implementation. In the second phase, preparations for commercialization are under way, with at least one of the concepts planned to be commercialized at a time of sustainability.

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