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PoC Transdisciplinary Commercialization Concepts ILA III, CZ.07.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 17_049 / 0000825
Implementing body: ILA, Partner: University of Economics, Prague, Operational Program: OP PPG, Project budget: CZK 15 788 942

The purpose of the project is to support the technology and knowledge transfer process implemented by ILA and (in the concept IncuPlatform) its partner at the University of Economics (represented by its business incubator and accelerator xPORT VŠE) and thus acquiring the necessary practical experience of ILA and xPORT VŠE employees in the field of knowledge and technology transfer leading to transdisciplinary innovations, which will then be used in their further work in this field. This will ultimately have a positive impact on increasing the success of the knowledge and technology transfer process in Prague and consequently the whole of the Czech Republic.

The project focuses on the proof-of-concept phase that is critical to the whole KTT process.

The goal is to review three selected commercialization concepts:

  • KK1 PhyGitalFashionHub (topic: education and training)
  • KK2 IncuPlatform (topic: education and training)
  • KK3 LegMonitor (topic: ICT solutions for e-government, citizens' information, promotion and tourism)

In the second phase of the project the preparation of selected commercialization concepts for commercialization will create the basis for their further development in the follow-up activities financed in the period of sustainability from other financial sources.

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