Own projects


In AVATAR project (09/01/2019-02/29/2020) we explored how to develop the first 3D body scanning application for smartphones with best-in-class accuracy, which would make 360°body scan and precisely measure a person in real time.

The project AVATAR enabled us to perform following activities:

• Detailed market analysis

• Business model(s) specification

• Technological analysis focused on digital libraries/databases of patterns and avatars

• Economical / financial analysis

• Feasibility study reflecting the outcomes of all analytical work

As a result of the aforementioned analyses we have shifted the project focus and abandoned the initial intention to create the mobile application for personal body scanning.

FS reflects the specification of our forthcoming activities including the reorientation of the main focus of our company on a viable product. Mr. Zandbergen (our coach) helped us to focus ongoing activities on the market penetrations and define the necessary steps for speeding up of our business activities.

The main objective of the project AVATAR was to perform profound technological analysis focused on the application using 3D body scanning by smartphones. The idea to enable the smartphone owner to create his/her own 3D avatar has been abandoned.

Thanks to the market analyses we identified other business opportunities:

• Digital fashion data management -> creation of patterns library and virtual avatars library using the already available apps.

• 3D virtual fashion presentation (prototyping / fitting and fashion shows).

Aforementioned products and scaling-up strategy have been formulated and relevant markets described in the FS.

The project confirmed that digitalisation of fashion, no waste fabrication of garments and change from 2D to 3D modelling corresponds to the needs of modern Europe, demands of customers and imperative of sustainable care of environment.

Patterns and Avatars library

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