KTT and innovation

Activities in the area of knowledge and technology transfer, innovative projects and the start-up companies are realized by a team led by Ivan Dvořák, PhD.

These activities include:

  • Assessing the potential for commercial applicability of R&D results
  • Support for decision-making process in the field of intellectual property rights´ protection
  • Support in negotiating the sale of intellectual property or licensing to use it
  • Coaching when setting up a start-up company and consultancy in its further development
  • Addressing business angels and potential strategic partners
  • Check-up and reporting new company´s performance to the investors
  • Arranging for funding of science, research and development in academic institutions from subsidy titles of Czech (GA CR, TA CR, TRIO, etc.) and international (ESIF, Horizon 2020 / Europe, Interreg) sources
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