Our team

Our team

Ivan Dvorak – Partner

RNDr. Ivan Dvořák, CSc.

Graduated in biophysics at the Charles University in Prague (1973), studied also information and control theory at the Prague Technical University. Successfully defended his RNDr. theses in 1976 and CSc (equivalent of PhD) theses on mathematical modelling of complex biological systems at the Institute of Experimental Botany of the Czechoslovak Acad. Sci. in 1981. In 2006 completed his studies of knowledge management at the Open University (Great Britain) and obtained the title PGCertKT(Open)..

Till 1985 worked in the Center of Biomathematics of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and since 1986 in the Research Institute for Psychiatry, from 1990 as its scientific secretary. In 1990 – 1991 was the liaison officer of WHO at the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. From 1992 to 1996 managing director of Software602. From 1995 to 2000 in Czechoslovak Commercial Bank (ČSOB), head of Department of Investment Projects and Restructuring and, later on, of Department of Venture Capital Financing. From 2001 to 2004 in the Division of Special Engagements of Komerční Banka, at the end as the director of Restructuring Division. In 2001-2002 member of the consultancy committee of the Council of Czech Television.

In 2005 co-founded civic association Societas Rudolphina and till 2011 served as its chairman. Long time served also as chairman of the Board of VIA Foundation for Civic Society. In 2008 participated in launching Association of Knowledge Transfer Organizations and Professionals (AKTOP) and since 2009 till 2013 was serving as its chairman. Since 2011 member of the Board of ProTon Europe – pan-European association for promotion of the knowledge transfer.

Co-owner since 1994 and executive director of ILA s.r.o., where he focuses on projects concerning knowledge management, knowledge and technology transfer, and education in innovation management. Advisor of the Center for Transfer of Knowledge and Technology of the Charles University in Prague.

Member of several expert committees and boards on various levels. In 2012-2013 member of the Expert Group on Open Innovation and Technology Transfer appointed by the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation) to recommend measures for increasing effectiveness of practical utilization of results of research and development in the light of Open Innovation paradigm. Since 2013 member of Knowledge Transfer Stakeholders Forum launched within the study “Support to the development and implementation of Innovation Union commitment 21 on knowledge transfer” (IU21KT Study) realised also for the EC. Since April 2014 member of the Prague Innovation Council (Pražská Inovační Rada – PIR) founded by the Prague mayor as his advisory body for innovations and cooperation of academic institutions with industry in Prague.

Author of more than 100 scientific papers, four books and a lot of other publications in the field of biomatematics, biothermodynamics, mathematical modelling of complex systems, transfer of knowledge and technology, and inovation management. Married, two grown up daughters.

Katerina Ciharova – Partner

MUDr. Kateřina Čihařová

Pediatrician by education, Katerina had worked at a regional hospital and at the First Children Clinic at the Motol Faculty Hospital for extended period of time. After 1989, she had dedicated her career to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic where she had worked as a director of the Department of International Affairs until the maternity leave in 1996. She also managed international affairs at the Czech Medical Chamber.
In 2000, Katerina established and until 2004 successfully led a private ambulatory clinic of over 40 employees called Mediscan. In 2005 she has become a member of a civil association Societas Rudolphina where she works as a consultant. Between 2007 – 2012 she was a chairman of Sue Ryder International CZ Board of trustees. In 2012 she held the position of a director in the out-patient health care facility called MC Andel co-owned by ILA and successfully sold in March 2013. In January 2013 she has been appointed by EC evaluator for FP7 and Horizon2020 programs in the field of ICT and Healthy Aging.
Currently Katerina is chairman of Domus vitae, z.ú. Board of trustees. This NGO is rentin g a small house in Stromovka park which will serve sfter its reconstruction iín Spring 2017 as a Community Integration Centre.
Katerina is a managing director and co-owner of ILA, s.r.o. She is dealing with issues of grants utilization, teaching knowledge and technology transfer theory, and managing social and health projects. Her professional activities include publications writing as well as lecturing.
She is married with three daughters.

Lucie Muzikova – Chief Executive Officer

Ing. Lucie Mužíková

In 2008, Lucie graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. After her graduation, she worked for the company called Finder CZ, s.r.o. as a marketing project manager.

Since October 2009, she works for ILA, s.r.o. as a marketing and office manager. In addition, Lucie participates on a realization of the on-going project Knowledge and Technology Transfer in selected regions which is an application of the European educational model called Transnational Transfer Technology Manager and Knowledge and technology transfer – extension of the European TTM education model to other regions of the Czech Republic. Lucie is also an administrative assistant for the civil association AKTOP. Since 2013 she has been the Project Manager of DeMo project.

Ivana Petrova – Project Manager

Bc. Ivana Petrová

Ivana Petrova obtained bachelors degree at Agricultural University in Prague, specialization Public Administration and Regional Development.  She participated at annual Erasmus Socrates Program at TEI of Crete (Technological Educational Institution) with focus on economics and Greek language. Ivana is currently following her engineering studies of Operations and Economics and in the same time she is studying  Teaching of Vocational Subjects at Agricultural University in Prague.

From 2011 to 2013 she was responsible for operational and economic divisions in Ski and Bike Center Radotín. In May 2012 she joined ILA team,  where she started to work as an administrative assistant of  “ZP NET –  Network for Persons with Disabilities, reg no. CZ.1.04/5.1.01/B2.00011.

Since November 2014 she is also a constructive manager of project activities for the project “Promotion of Science via Inquiry-Based Science Education and Popularization R&D Activities” with registration number CZ.1.07/2.3.00/45.0028, which is financed from ES funds through OP VK and the national budget.

Jaroslava Vondrušková – Assistant

Jaroslava Vondrušková

1998 – 2001 Production Assistant at  “Prague – European Capital City” Project

2001 – 2004 Assistant at  civil association Archa – association for support of  free society

Since 2005  Assistant at Societas Rudolphina Association


– Coordination and realization of project TRIANGL –  supporting students interest in science in the region of Central Bohemia, where Societas Rudolphina is partner of the project.

Since 2012 Assistant at ILA, s.r.o. (Innovation Leadership Agency)


– Coordination and realization of DeMo project – development of methodology for evaluation and modification of the home environment for people with disabilities in order to increase their employability.

– Coordination and realization of Knowledge and Technology Transfer project – an extension of European TTM education model to regions of the Czech Republic.

Petr Forman – Expert

Ing. Petr Forman

He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in the field of hydraulic engineering and water management (1972). Until 1990 he worked in the technical development of the company Vltava River. Petr is a co-author of a number of innovative designs and solutions, which have been used at the entire Elbe-Vltava waterway. In the years 1990-1993 he was the Deputy Director General of ETMAS. In 1993 he founded the project and design office Waterways Ltd. (later Waterways Inc.), where he held posts of Director and Chairman of the Board.

In 1998 Petr became the first Deputy Minister of Transport (led by Prof. Petr Moos) in the government of Prime Minister Josef Tosovsky. In 2003-2004, he led as a Deputy Minister for Regional Development the section of regional development where he managed the preparation of the first operational programmes in the Czech Republic after its accession to the EU (Joint Regional Operational Programme, Interreg IIIa).

He was among the founders of the civic association Societas Rudolphina (2005), in which the head of the transport section. It deals with a broad portfolio of transportation issues, energy, innovation, technology transfer, technology scouting, economic analyses and grant and subsidies consultancy.

Petr is a member of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Traffic of CTU, Deputy President of the Transport Section of the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic, Board Member of the Czech Navigation and Waterway Association. He is also an author of dozens of articles and publications in the field of transport, transport infrastructure funding and EU funds.

Jaroslava Barbara Sporková

Mgr. Jaroslava Barbara Sporková

After graduation at Pedagogical faculty in Hradec Králové Barbara worked in the branch of education, out-of-school activities and culture. Since 1990 she was employed at the Ministry of education as Officer in the Department of organization and development of the education system, then as Director of Human Resources Management (1997-1998) and finally as director of Managerial department of education institutions (1998-2000).
In 2002 she worked as Deputy Vice Prime Minister for Research, Development and Human Resources and as Director of Human Resources section. She is co-author of Human Resources Development Strategy for the Czech Republic (2003) and National Innovation Strategy (2004).
Currently Barbara is senior adviser in project management. She has experience with more than 95 projects, out of which in 14 she was or still is engaged personally. She collaborates with institutes of the Academy of Sciences, Charles University in Prague, Czech Technical University – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Chemical Technology, Institute of development of European regions – University of Pardubice, UJEP, the League of community schools, the Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship, Centre for Education of the Liberec Region, the South Bohemian Agency of Innovative Entrepreneurship and the Czech management association.
She is chairwoman of the civic association Societas Rudolphina and a professional consultant consulting company ILA, Ltd.
Barbara is also accredited for project evaluation namely in the Operational programs Prague –pole of growth (Municipal authority) and the Operational program Employment (Ministry of labour and social affairs). In the last program period she evaluated hundreds of projects, particularly in the Operational Program Human Resources and Employment.

Jan Šisler – Member of the Streering Committee Domus vitae, z.ú.

Jan Šisler

Jan Sisler was working for Mountain Rescue Service. Due to accident injury during rescue operation in Krusne hory in 1978, he has become wheel chaired.

From 1980 till 1987 he was working as Production Assistant (Short Film Praha), in Czech TV and in the theatre Pod stanem.

In 1983 he was one the co-founders of the wheel chair basketball team. He was active member of the team and he had been organizing international basketball competitions.

Since 1988 he is a member of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Albertov (originally headed by prof. MUDr. Jan Pfeiffer, DrSc, currently headed by doc. Olga Švestková, CSc.) His responsibilities in DRM are management and occupational therapy.

From 1990 till 1993 he had been organizing humanitarian help for Czech healthcare in the co-operation with Výbor dobré vůle Olgy Havlové – Olga Havlová foundation with focus on handicapped people.

His current working activities are mainly targeted to the area of ergotherapy. He was co-operating on the ILA project of identifying the barriers in the homes of handicapped people. Since 2003 he is twice per year organizing recondition stays for people with brain damages.

In 1995 he headed establishment of Rehalb (NGO) and since 2002 he is in the position of the Executive Director.

Tereza Kulhánková

Tereza Kulhánková

In 2008 Tereza graduated from Faculty of Economics and management at Czech University of Life Sciences (CULS). While studying she started to work in the company EuroNet s.r.o., where – after graduation – she occupied position of project manager. In 2008 she took part on the feasibility study and commercialization potential in the project called: „Mobile personal visual stimulator“ elaborated for the laboratory of Electrophysiology, Institute of Pathophysiology, Medical Faculty Hradec Králové.
Since 2009 was Tereza employed as a Junior marketing specialist at IBM Czech Republic and after 6 months of engagement she upgraded to the position of marketing manager taking care of IBM Services.
Currently she is on maternal leave with 2 sons and acts as an external consultant at ILA s.r.o. In the same time she holds the position of director in the not-for-profit organization Domus Vitae, z.ú.

(Česky) Bc. Michala Nováková – Projektová manažerka

Michala Nováková ILA

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(Česky) Ing. Jiří Znamenáček – Vedoucí manažer KTT projektů

Ing. Jiří Znamenáček

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(Česky) RNDr. Radim Špaček – Senior manažer KTT projektů

RNDR. Radim Špaček - Senior manažer KTT projektů

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